Visit our Online Pharmacy to see exciting changes!

Our Online Pharmacy offers an enhanced shopping experience, allowing you to browse without first logging in.  It also offers automatic refills for regular medications, and many more flexible purchase options when it comes to quantity.  Do you have a horse on Adequan?  You can now order a single vial and set up an automatic monthly refill, rather than purchasing an entire box. Do you have a barn full of horses on Adequan? Order a box of seven doses, or a multi-use bottle, or several boxes at once and receive discounts.

Hampton Roads Equine Veterinary Clinic patient photoOur pharmacy advantages include competitive pricing, online prescription management by Dominion Equine Clinic veterinarians, and eligibility for manufacturer guarantees.  Have your prescriptions written, filled and shipped to your farm, home or horseshow in one easy transaction-  visit now and start shopping!

Healthy Horse Plans

We offer three health care programs tailored to your horse’s unique needs.  Our Healthy Horse Plans are designed for the various activities your horse may be involved in....from elite competition to back yard companionship.  Choose the link above to learn more!

Microchipping Available

Protect your horse from theft and natural disasters now with this painless, invisible, permanent, inexpensive and tamper-resistant electronic identification! Once microchipped, you will enroll your horse with the Equine Protection Registry,

From this point forward the chip is there to serve any ownership needs such as sales, travel, breeding, event registration, DNA paperwork, registry documentation, etc. The chip becomes invaluable if the horse should be lost or stolen. Whether by natural disaster such as hurrican or fire, or by the hand of a horse thief, the tiny chip becomes a critical tool for recovery.  Click on the link above to learn more.