Healthy Horse Plans- coverage to suit your needs

Hampton Roads Equine Veterinary Clinic patient photo

Maximize savings and convenience by enrolling your horse in a Healthy Horse Plan.  Dominion Equine Clinic offers three different levels of coverage, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your horse’s specific needs.  All plans include core vaccines and an annual dental float, which are crucial components of your horse’s wellness plan. 

Healthy Horse Plans must be pre-paid.  However, if you no longer own your horse for any reason,  the unused portion will be refunded to you, resulting in a no risk plan.

All Healthy Horse Plans receive a 25% discount off of the farm call for the Spring and Fall vaccination appointments.  All plans also include a 10% discount off the cost of all additional veterinary care and supplies.

Healthy Horse Plan Option 1

Healthy Horse Plan Option 2

Healthy Horse Plan Option 3