Hampton Roads equine veterinary clinic online pharmacy

The Dominion Equine Clinic Online Pharmacy provides our clients the convenience and affordability of online ordering.   The Online Pharmacy offers pricing that is competitive to other online vendors, along with several unique advantages, such as:

Online prescription management by Dominion Equine Clinic veterinarians- simply place your order with the click of a mouse  and your horse’s veterinarian will review the health history, approve the request, and have your order shipped to you, ensuring excellent patient care.

Automatic refills- flexible automatic refill options allow you to arrange shipment of your horses' medications at eactly the time you need them, without having to re-order.

Unique client profiles- easily access and edit your horse, shipping and billing information at any time.  Have your prescriptions written, filled and shipped to your farm, home or horseshow in one easy transaction.

Eligibility for manufacturer guarantees- feel secure in the knowledge that your horse’s medications will be handled and shipped to maintain quality.  Medications shipped through the Dominion Equine Clinic Pharmacy are eligible for manufacturer guarantees, which is a significant advantage over other online vendors.